Инструмент автоматизации пользовательского интерфейса для ОС Windows

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An UI Automation Tool for Windows Application.

This article exposes how to use White for UI automation of Windows application and how to create Automation test script using White.


In the era of technology, it’s not so difficult to automate windows/web applications. On the internet, you will find loads of Open source/commercial tools available to help us achieve our goal of automation. But out of that, only few would provide support for Win32, Win Forms, WPF, Silverlight application as well as for basic applications UI automation and there is White Framework in few of them which we are going to discuss. In this article, I will take an example of calculator which is best for Windows application automation to explain how we can use white to achieve our UI automation goal. Here, I’m targeting the automation testers who are new to white framework.

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