How Do I Perform UI Automation Testing in iOS 4

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How Do I Perform UI Automation Testing in iOS 4.


This is a beginner level article. I hope after going through it, a typical iPhone developer would be able to perform automated UI testing.


UI Automation testing is an important value addition in iOS4. It is supported by a new instrument object called “Automation”. It’s quite suitable for UI testing of Productivity style applications.

Automation instrument works from scripts (written in JavaScript). It simulates/fires required events on target Application. Test script must be a valid executable JavaScript file accessible to the instrument on the host computer.

What is a Test Script?

Test script is an ordered set of commands, each of which accesses a user interface element in application to perform a user action on it or to use the information associated within it.

In this article, I will explain UI Automation testing with the help of one sample application developed using Coco Touch framework.

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